Doing more and more

I was feeling a little down yesterday, I'm always pushing myself to do more and more and if I feel like I haven't been doing that for a while I feel like I've let myself down, I feel like I just haven't been arsed. I like to think like I'm a pretty hard worker so realising that kills me, it just sucks all the life out of me, however - I am not big on whining about things, if there's something that is bothering me I always get back on my feet and try to make the situation better, the next month is panning out to be a great month for my photography and video. Yes that's right, video - I haven't really done a lot of it but I am determined to get into the game of videography, it's something I enjoy doing and there's a lot of value in being able to do it, in this world we have created for ourselves today it's not good enough to just be a photographer anymore, you have to be a videographer, marketer, CEO - your skill set has to be really well rounded to actually make it in this crowded world. There are so many creative and talented people out there, everyone needs to step up their game, take risks, go above and beyond to satisfy their clients - this is what I'm pushing myself to do, do more and more.