Tale of the photo-shoot: Marie Magenhann

Recently I had the chance to shoot with someone I really didn't know at all before, Marie - this is another part of photography that I really love, I get to meet these amazing people from all over the world. It's actually quite fascinating to see all of these different people come together for one common goal - to create something. To create something that maybe someone in this world will find and think to himself "holy shit, this is awesome", something that someone in this world might come across and be inspired by. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't go out on shoots thinking "I'm gonna change lives with these photos" but the idea that maybe that will happen is still a special kind of thing and to have people come sacrifice their time and really not get that much in return for it makes me a very lucky guy. 

But alright, let me tell you about the shoot now, first of all - assistants are the best kind of people in the whole wide world, seriously - if you've ever helped me on a shoot, I love you! This time a good friend of mine Angeline took the time to come with Marie and I to this creepy ass train station and help me take these photos. To be honest with you, I thought Marie and Ang would be a little.. put off by the place because it's rather creepy and not very inviting, no soft fluffy shit basically. However, what happened was quite contrary, they both loved it and they got the creative aspect of the location. Still to this day if anyone asks me what I love most in life, I always answer that it's seeing people come together and work on something creative in harmony. It's such a beautiful thing and it really does happen to some scale on virtually every shoot I do. It was one of those buttery smooth shoots, everything just worked out as we planned it (apart from the fact the batteries for my wireless flash transmitters had all died sitting in my bag but oh well.. happens to the best of us). Shooting with public places can be a little strange sometimes, we had a worker at the train station just come have a look at what we were doing for a while and although I don't speak French very well at all, I think he found what we were doing pretty interesting and I believe that my assistant even had a little laugh with him. Later on in the shoot we went down to the waiting area for the trains. It was really loud there, most of the trains don't stop at the station they just storm by, one after another. Soon after I took a picture there where I had to sit on the ground, that resulted in another pair of jeans ruined - although I admit, getting myself white pants was a dumb idea. 

So apart from me obviously not making very good decisions when it comes to fashion, I had a great day. There are two things I want to do on every shoot; have a good time with the models and everyone else on set and make sure it's not just serious work and then of course get some beautiful images - I believe we managed both of those.