Street photography

Street photography adventures.

Street photography has always been a bit of a special thing to me, it can be so beautiful to just capture the world around you as it is, no photoshop, no models, no staging, no bullshit. Yesterday I went out and walked all over Brussels snapping some photos, a few turned out pretty nicely however it can be challenging, I didn't get any decent photos for the first hour and a half and that can be really frustrating as it feels like you're wasting your time. That being said however, when I did get the shots, you know you got some good images, it's a special feeling - very different from when I do staged shoots. Staged shoots you capture your creativity, with street photography you have to figure out how to capture to world from a certain perspective that creates a meaningful image. An image that makes someone stop and think about it for a second, our lives are so busy these days it's hard  to stop and think about what's happening around us. I'll leave you with a few images from yesterday, I'm no HONY but this is what I ended up with!