I wrote some poetry.

It is time to feel the joy of blogging once more. It is strange how much I love this medium yet rarely seem to take advantage of it. I will try to get better at that. But I shall dwell on that no more. To give a little bit of backstory to how this poem came about I suppose I should say that since the end of August I have been studying photography in the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. It has so far been an incredible ride full of amazing people, lots of creativity, chaos, art, struggle and joy. Now the poem started as an assignment for a course of mine called image development. The assignment was to do anything apart from a traditional photograph. So I wrote a poem. It started with the frustration I sometimes have of citizens not being involved in society, blaming others for the struggles in their life while at the same time hoping those "others" will also fix said problems. The most obvious context for this is obviously our current political landscape but it does not necessarily have to only revolve around politics, this phenomenon occurs in plentiful also in more intimate relationships. It is a state of ignorance so damaging that the result is we have no control over our fate, and when this occurs on a marco level, no control over the fate of a large part of the human species. 


When ignorance protrudes our skin
the soul has no master,
and a nescient man is born.

No room for the wise.
No room for blossom,
so halted we remain.

Find your soul
and be its master
so our fate can have a captain.


Or to put it more bluntly, it is time to get our shit together. The western, more or less democratic world has no excuses for blunders in progress. Mishaps in our society, government and private lives are a direct result of the decisions we make as families, groups and constituencies. Do your part or forever hold your silence. I don't say that lightly, and I certainly don't say that to confront you just for the sake of it. I say it because I want people to realise that the potential for this world, our world, is so high if only we took the time to educate, inform and get involved.